Two fundraisers look to gather support for a local family who is facing the high costs of a major health challenge after losing their home in the November 2021 flooding event.

Evert Biddlecome was first diagnosed with liver cancer in April 2018, having it surgically removed June of the same year. Biddlecome was told he would require a CAT scan every six months to ensure the cancer hadn’t returned, with the scans coming back clear until less than one year after the Collettville resident and his family lost their home to the floods. 

“He was told he would have to have a CAT scan every six months to make sure the cancer was not coming back,” said Jennifer Biddlecome, Evert’s wife. “He has regularly had those scans since, and they all came back great until October 2022, when they found a new mass on his liver.”

Jennifer said that Evert was informed in December 2022 that he would require a liver transplant as doctors believed the cancer would continue to return otherwise, being unable to surgically remove it again. In February of this year, Evert completed a round of heavy radiation to slow the growth of the tumour while he waits for a transplant. 

Jennifer said that after meeting with the transplant team, Evert knows he and his wife will need to stay in Vancouver for three months after transplant is complete, during which time he will require the full time care of Jennifer, who will need to take time off of work to accommodate. The Biddlecomes still have two children at home, as well as Evert’s mother that they care for, and will need to arrange care for all three during that time. They are seeking support from the community through a GoFundMe campaign, as well as a steak dinner fundraiser, to maintain their home and lessen the increased expenses that come with Evert’s illness. 

“In an attempt to raise the money to help with all the cost so far, and the cost going forward, we have tried to sell our lot,” noted Jennifer. “However, as you can imagine, with it being a flood area there has not been a lot of interest.”

The costs that come with Evert’s transplant, along with the costs already incurred during his last round of treatment, and the recent loss of their home and belongings means that the Biddlecomes face an uphill financial battle in the coming months along with the emotional toll of sickness and loss. 

Those looking to donate towards the Biddlecomes fundraisers can visit, or contact Jennifer at 604-226-1563 for a ticket to the steak dinner fundraiser. The dinner will take place on Saturday (June 10) at the Grand Pub & Grill, with sittings at 5:00 and 7:15 p.m. available for $25 a ticket. For reservations, call 250-378-4618.