Get ready to laugh, Merritt.

The 15th annual FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival’s favourites tour is making a stop in Merritt for a free show tomorrow at the Merritt Desert Inn.

Stu Hughes, founder and artistic director of FunnyFest, is confident in the material.

“I recommend that people pee before they watch the show because they’ll be pissing their pants laughing,” he said.

Known as the second largest Canadian Comedy Festival, FunnyFest produces more than 125 events every year, with a roster that includes 50 performers.

“It’s world class comedy for free. You never see that,” Hughes said of the upcoming show.

Hughes, and headliners Tommy Savitt and Joe King will bring their comedy stylings to Merritt.

Tommy Savitt is from Brooklyn, N.Y. and won the Boston Comedy Festival in 2007 and the Seattle Comedy Festival in 2008.

He brings humorous but profoundly intellectual life advice you should never take, Hughes said.

“Tommy Savitt’s very unique because he’s a character-driven comic, “Hughes said.

King brings a satirical and sometimes controversial brand of comedy to the stage.

This impressionist with a keen eye for popular culture won the 2008 FunnyFest Talent Search.

Hughes, a 15-year veteran comedian, delivers an over-the-top set based on his “inner psychotic thinking.”

This Western Canada tour kicked off 12 consecutive shows last Tuesday scheduled in places such as Kelowna, Sicamous, Nanaimo, Invermere, and Revelstoke.

“When you get to see 100 people laugh at once at something you said, it’s very invigorating,” Hughes said.

The Merritt show gets started at 8 p.m. this Wednesday.