Two gas pumps at the Shell gas station in Gasoline Alley were knocked off their foundations after a pickup truck careened off the road Friday morning.

The incident occurred at about 4 a.m. after a vehicle travelling south down Belshaw Street went off the road.

Two gas pumps were knocked over and some gasoline was spilled as a result of the incident.

The pumps were turned off at the time as the gas station was closed.

Merritt RCMP Sgt. Norm Flemming said it’s fortunate the pumps were not active when the truck struck them.

The truck was still operable and the occupants drove away.

Flemming said security camera footage showed that there were two occupants in the truck, which had damage to its front end.

Police found the truck in the Grandview Heights area and had it towed and contacted the registered owner.

The owner had lent the vehicle to a relative who police made contact with, and charges are possible depending on the outcome of the investigation, Flemming said.

Flemming said police are not sure if alcohol was involved in the incident.

Andy King, pump technician for Middleton Petroleum Services, was on site at Shell Friday morning cleaning up the wreckage. King said electricity to the pumps had to be disconnected, ensuring the gas wasn’t ignited.

There was little to no risk of an explosion.

He also said lids needed to be placed over the spots where the pumps detached and their fuel lines drained. The two damaged pumps were hauled away as well.

King said the pumps have shear valves in place to stop gas from leaking out from underneath the pump.

King could not provide an estimated dollar value for the damage to the pumps.