Cactus Annie’s to host Labyrinth Ball on April 20.

Cactus Annie’s will be hosting live music and screening the 1986 film Labyrinth.

“Everybody wants to get lost in some weird fantasy with the Muppets involved, and David Bowie,” said Cactus Annie’s manager Allison Greening. “So I asked the community and I had 150 people respond saying that they were interested in this event.”

Greening had originally planned for the event to take place during February but had to postpone due to building flooding. She hopes that Cactus Annie’s can become an event venue for organizers in the future.

“Merritt needs more entertainment, Merritt needs more things to do, what we’re trying to do is provide a place where you can drink but also be entertained by your environment,” said Greening.

“A future of this place, I hope, will be an event venue for this town where people want to go, pay $5, and listen to a DJ play, and dress up.” Greening cited the previous success of Jen Dickson’s birthday party. “We did have a 100 person party about two weeks ago for Jen Dickson’s birthday party, we had Chick Jagger & The Rolling Tones play,” said Greening. “It’s the first big event that we’ve done. We did have a grand opening in January but there was only about 40 people that turned out for that.”

“I would love to have feedback from the community about what kind of events they’d be interested in doing. I want to see the young people out in this town again,” said Greening. “I feel I have a certain demographic of customers that are my regulars, but they’re not the young people, they’re not the people who are going to make this place a 270 capacity place at midnight.”

Moving into the future, Cactus Annie’s hopes to collaborate with food trucks and get a pool league going by the fall. “Merritt doesn’t have any place to eat after like 10 o’clock at night so if you have a cool place that has a couple of food trucks and the bar’s open ‘till 2 a.m., people will stop in here the last hour and go get food and have one last drink.”

Doors for the Labyrinth Ball open at 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 20. There will also be a prize for the best costume.