Cents fan Callie Langlois-Torgerson chats with defenceman Kiernan Poulin, in a series getting to know the 2023-24 Merritt Centennials.

1) Do you get to choose your # and does it have any significance for you?

I did not get to choose my number this year. But I like 9 a lot and I like single digit numbers.

2) Do you have a hidden talent?

It’s not really a hidden talent but I like to ski and I am pretty good at it. So I would have to go with that. 

3) What’s your favourite tv show, if any?

I would have to say my favorite tv show is Peaky Blinders.

4) Planes trains or automobiles?  How do you prefer to travel?

I like traveling by planes. Especially early in the morning, watching the sun rise from the plane is really cool.