As October came to an end, grads of Merritt Secondary School (MSS), along with parents and volunteers, finished the month off with a bang. The haunted house was one of many upcoming grad fundraisers and was an all-around success. With people coming in until it was time to close, the grads were able to guarantee a prom venue for June. On top of that, they raised over $2,500 to cover any other prom expenses such as a DJ, food, decorations, etc.

Both children and adults experienced quite the fright as they walked through the haunted house, growing more and more anxious with every step that they took. Along with the spooky walk, the committee also ran a concession stand with pizza, chips, candy, pop, water, and cupcakes, throughout the three nights. 

 Such a successful fundraiser would not have been possible without the generous contributions made by Save on Foods, No Frills, Yaki Joe’s, the Hedrick family, and the Etchart family. Tony Broman, the president of the 2023 grad committee, would like to give a huge thank you to Felicity Peat, Tina Etchart, Alisha Hedrick, and Kim Bennett for helping ensure that the event ran smoothly. Along with parent coordinators, Tony would also like to show appreciation to volunteers including grads, parents and MSS students that took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this event. Lastly but most importantly, Tony would like to express his gratitude towards the community of Merritt for supporting the grads so generously throughout the course of this fundraiser.