On January 7, Merritt Secondary School (MSS) grads and their families pulled together yet another successful fundraiser. The grad committee came up with the idea of a bottle drive during their December meeting and have been planning and advertising for it since then. 

Before the actual bottle drive, 2023 MSS graduate, Sydney Bennett and her mom, Kim Bennett, went above and beyond and had already taken time over winter break to rally up a significant donation from the Home Restaurant. Several others also donated before the fundraiser was carried out. 

As the day finally approached, the support from the community was endless. Around 11 a.m., the group was forced to stop collecting donations as mountains of bottles had started to form, and time to sort was limited. They then took a break to enjoy some lunch but went straight back to sorting after a 15 minute break. 

The team was able to sort through approximately 60% of the donations, which raised a whopping $2,500. The remaining 40% of donations will be sorted by the bottle depot as part of the monthly drop-off program. 

President of the 2023 grad committee, Tony Broman says, “We simply cannot express enough gratitude to our community or the volunteers beforehand and those who helped on Drive Day. The Depot owner and single staff member deserve a huge thanks as well for their flexibility with the enormous amount of donations, and their good advice throughout our efforts.”