By Taylor Smith

Grade 12 columnist

  With the beginning of March approaching, the 2010/2011 school year seems to be ending quickly; to some this may bring joy but to many graduates it is a nerve wracking time.  University application deadlines are rapidly approaching and to many graduates it feels like the number of scholarship applications is endless.  Combined with a part-time job and chemistry homework the pressure is beginning to increase for the class of 2011.  

As a graduate, I can attest to this feeling.  Google “Canadian scholarships” and over three million results turn up and each one has a different requirement; some are based on community involvement, some are based on background and others are based on where your parents work!  

After finally finding a scholarship that you are eligible for, an essay on a given topic will likely be required and applicants must find a way to somehow make their essay unique amongst the two thousand other students who are applying for the same scholarship.  

Not to mention if the application contents are stapled in the wrong order the applicant can be disqualified!  

In the end, the application along with the sleep deprived nights, cans of red bull and strained eyes from all of the proofreading may end up in a giant dumpster, along with the one thousand nine hundred and ninety other applications that didn’t quite make the cut.  

It is a disappointment, but no reason to give up.  Like I said previously, over three million results turn up on Google and there is certainly a scholarship out there for everyone, but the process of finding them is time-consuming and at times daunting.

Similarly, university applications may cast the same overwhelming shadow.  

The first question is where do you want to go?  

For many, this is the easiest question to answer.  

The second question is what do you want to take?  

Your first year courses could likely determine your future career and that can be a lot of pressure, especially if you are unsure of what your future career path is.  

Finally, the third question is did you get in?  Waiting for an acceptance letter is unlike waiting for a birthday card from grandma where the outcome is certain.  

Waiting for acceptance to the school of your dreams can be very uncertain.

Though this time of year can be stressful and put a lot of pressure on a graduate to determine the rest of their life, I think it is important to remember that when June rolls around and high school is done, everything will work out in one way or another; whether we end up going with Plan A, B or C there are always options.