Dear Editor,

Heroes are alive and well in Merritt. Just when visions of tents and sleeping bags were dancing through my head, along with a trip to a campsite, somewhere, anywhere – up they popped.

These wonderful people will forever live in my heart as their help is in direct opposition to the meanness that lives in the hearts and minds of others.

I won’t mention the names of these heroes, as they would probably, as with most heroes, not wish it. However, they know who they are, and I would sooner thank them privately.

Brandon and I have been offered a ‘legal’ and sweet little home to reside in, and we are so very grateful.

Of course, the cost of changing residences comes to the fore, but there are no complaints there. Just a tighter budget, but things do balance out.

I’ve lost 20 pounds (due to the stress), but Brandon has gained 10. He’s a professional table-begger.

I sign this off in wonder – I bet I’m the only person to be turfed out of an illegal residence three times over! Once by the city, and twice by the ‘landlord’ who thought that an almost-30-day notice (yeah, that was illegal too) was too much time, and shortened it up to a 10-day eviction notice.

Much difficulty with all this, as I’ve nearly always owned my own homes.

Possibly I’ll still be in that campsite for a few days yet as the 10 days is over a week short of moving day. But I haven’t had a vacation in years – too busy moving – heh heh.

Bertha Hanschke