Merritt Secondary School (MSS) handed out its year-end awards to students for the 2015-16 school year on June 9. Taking home the prestigious Dalton Trophy this year was Grade 12 student Gabby Zabek (above). The Dalton Trophy is the top individual award based on citizenship, scholarship, fine arts, and athletics.

Congratulations to all MSS award winners

Top Individual Awards

Most Involved Grade 8: Olivia Schmidt and Nicolas Willey

Grade 8: Neleah Chillihitzia

Grade 9: Makyla Cooke

Grade 10: Jamie Neill and Emmanuelle Dugas

Grade 11: Kalea Palmer and Caleb Hartwig

Mayon Cup

Awarded to the Grade 12 student with the highest academic standing, all subjects are considered.

Winner: Cyrene Cadenza, GaYoung Park, Seth Simon

Rotary Service Award

The Rotary Service Award is to be presented to the student who contributed most to the functioning of the school through his/her many hours of service this year.

Winner: Kalea Palmer

New Leaf Award

Awarded to the students who demonstrates a turnaround, not only in their academics but in their attitude, in their schoolwork

Senior: Teresa Garcia and Dakota Grismer-Voght


Art 8: Brianna Charters

Art 9: Olivia Boven and Logan Moorhead

Art 10: Bryanna Kerridge

Senior Art  Foundations: Lindsy Lampi

Senior Ceramics and Sculpture: Jamie Neill and Robert Neill

Senior Drawing and Painting: Alissa Dalles

First Nations Art 9: Rebecca Canadien

First Nations Art 11: Shailyn Joe

Permanent Collection (art award): Alissa Dalles, Casidy Sheena, Logan Moorhead


Drama 8: Olivia Schmid

Drama 9: Kyra Etchart and Shayla Worrin

Drama 11/12: Cassandra Eves and Cameron Deane


Humanities 8: Neleah Chillihitzia

English 9: Olivia Boven and Logan Moorhead

English 10: Emmanuelle Dugas and Cameron Johnson

English 11: Caleb Hartwig and Lindsy Lamp

English 12: Cassandra Eves

First Peoples English 11: Makenna Shuter

First Peoples English 12: Teresa Garcia and William Dumas


Foods 9 – High Achievement Award: Logan Moorhead

Foods 9 – Excellence Award: Brooke Sproson

Foods 9 – High Achievement: Emily Whitecross


French Immersion Francais Langue 9: Brooke Sproson

French Immersion Français Langue 10: Emmanuelle Dugas and Natalie Ross

French Immersion Program High Achievement award: Emmanuelle Dugas, Natalie Ross, Tom Girard, Brooke Sproson and Kyra Etchart

Top Core French 8: Saige Hepper

Top Core French 9: Olivia Boven, Prianne Desa, Mikyla Cooke

Top Core French10: Chloe Murphy, Morgan Hepper

Top Core French 11: Caleb Hartwig, Kalea Palmer

Top Core French 12: Gabrielle Zabek

Core French 9 Outstanding Work Ethic: Madeline McIntyre-Ponsioen, Chloe Stockwell, Logan Moorhead, Iman Sahota, Micaela Smith, Sydney Willson, Shayla Worrin, Ericka Boggs, Alexander Eves, Anthony Tulliani and Mackenzie Stead

Core French 10 Outstanding Work Ethic: Jamie Neill, Jasjeet Chawla, Hailey Cullen, Simren Panghli

Core French 11 Outstanding Work Ethic: Sara Yasunaga and Jasmine French

Core French 12 Outstanding Work Ethic: Erin Thomsen and Cassandra Eves

Industrial Education

Junior Tech Award: Micaela Smith

Senior Tech Award: Brendan MacDonald

Social Studies

Social Studies 9: Olivia Boven and Makyla Cooke

Social Studies 10: Chloe Murphy (99 per cent)

Social Studies 11: Morgan Hepper (94 per cent)

History 12: Cassandra Eves and Erin Thomsen

Law 12: Delayla Stewart


Science 8: Amy Manuel and Neleah Chillihitzia

Science 9: Olivia Boven

Science 10: Hailey Cullen

Biology 11: Keaton Laupitz

Biology 12: Erin Thomsen

Chemistry 11: Lindsy Lampi

Chemistry 12: Cyrene Catenza

Earth Sciencen 11: Rae-lynn Bachnick

Physics 11: Erin Thomsen

Physics 12: Seth Simon

Psychology 11: Lindsy Lampi

Psychology 12: Adrianna Griep

Top All Around Science 12: Seth Simon and Cyrene Catenza


Math 8: Leif Ellingsen

Math 9: Makyla Cooke

Math 10 Foundations and Pre-calculus: Hailey Cullen

Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10: Emma Ferch

Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11: Carter Lang

Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 12: Katie Marshall

Foundations of Math 11: Edward Guan

Foundations of Math 12: Cassandra Eves

Pre-Calculus 11: Edward Guan and Lindsy Lampi

Pre-Calculus 12: Seth Simon

Calculus 12: Cyrene Catenza

Beyond the Math Award: Michael Lao

PE Awards

PE 8: Emily Grier and Drew Kanagan

PE 9: Logan Moorhead, Mikyla Cooke and Mack Stead

PE 10: Jamie Neill and Tony Tuliani

PE 11: Joel Davey

PE 12: Kristopher Chastko

Leadership: Hailee Bennett and Courtney Christy