It was a cold, fall day in Merritt on Oct. 27, the perfect time to pick up some warm winter gear and fill your stomach with a bowl of hot chili.

Interior Community Services held its ‘Chilli + Coats’ event in Spirit Square from 11a.m.-2p.m., with plenty of passerbys picking up some coffee and food while browsing the selection of donated clothing.

“We decided that we would like to give something back to the community,” said Susan Kell, program coordinator for the Merritt branch of Interior Community Services, located on Granite Ave.

“All the staff has made the chili, and lots of companies around town, like Tim’s McDonalds and Boston Pizza have all donated towards the day.”

 Kell said that winter coats were a popular item of the day.

“Gloves, boot liners, hand warmers, blankets, scarves…lots and lots.”

ICS has been based in Merritt since 2014, with a main office in Kamloops. They run two day program for specific needs, including community inclusion and adults over the age of 19 with diverse abilities.