— by Bonnie Dixon


Soup is the unsung hero of the kitchen, it is one of the healthiest meals and, a comforting and versatile choice that never goes out of style. It's like a warm hug for your taste buds, and with a dash of creativity, you can transform any ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience.

Let’s talk simplicity. Soup is the epitome of easy cooking. Throw some veggies, broth, and protein of your choice into a pot, and you’ve got a one-pot wonder in the making. The key? Keep it simple! Fresh herbs are the secret weapon. Toss in a handful of basil, thyme, or cilantro to elevate your soup to new flavour heights. It’s like a mini herb garden in a bowl.

Now, let’s break free from the culinary rut. Feeling adventurous? Try something new! Experiment with exotic spices or unique ingredient combinations. Soup is a canvas, and you’re the artist. Add a pinch of cumin, or a squeeze of lime for an unexpected twist.

Remember, less is more. Don’t overcrowd your soup with a million ingredients. Let the flavours mingle and dance in the pot. A few high-quality, fresh ingredients can speak volumes, turning a simple soup into a gourmet masterpiece.

Soup can be a part of your weight loss program. Swap heavy creams for Greek yogurt or coconut milk. Choose lean proteins and load up on colourful veggies. Regularly consuming soup
has been linked to a lower body weight. Careful about canned soups they often are high in sodium. Best to make them at home if possible.

So, let’s embrace the simplicity, add a sprinkle of herbs, and have some fun in the kitchen.

Soup’s on! For my favourite soup recipe from Italy contact me at [email protected] or text me at 604-314-9233 Bonnie


Bonnie Dixon is a Health and Wellness Consultant in Merritt.