A significant winter weather system is expected to hit the Merritt area highways tonight, according to Yellowhead Road & Bridge.

Heaviest snowfall is expected for the Coquihalla Summit (South). Snow is expected to become heavier around 6-7pm and carry on Eastward through the area.

YRB is expecting rather large snow accumulations for the area with snow becoming moderate at times through the night before becoming light again around 1am then picking back up after 4-5am.

  • Highway 5 South from Merritt to the Snow Shed Hill – Anticipated accumulations of 10-20cm tonight and 5-10cm Tuesday.
  • Highway 97C – Okanagan Connector – Potential accumulations of 5-10cm tonight and into the morning with another 4-8cm tomorrow.
  • Highway 5 North from Merritt to Lac Le Jeune – Anticipated accumulations of 4-8cm tonight and another 4-8cm Tuesday.

YRB reminds drivers never to pass a snowplow on the right hand side.