Dear Editor:

If you have health issues that a smart meter would compromise, please see your doctor and have a letter prepared for you. All Merritt doctors have received a ‘Doctor’s Information Package’.

This letter will allow you to participate in the ‘Human Rights Action’ which is currently underway by the Citizens for Safe Technology requesting accommodation by BC Hydro of a non-radiating meter for those with health issues who wish to avoid microwave signals permeating their living space.

Make an appointment with your doctor, and ask him to prepare a letter with your name and the fact that your condition will benefit from a non-wireless meter. Ask your doctor to sign the letter.

Please take the letter to your doctor’s receptionist who have been provided with the fax number to the Citizens for Safe Technology.

This action must be undertaken by Feb. 10, 2012.

Mo Tomchuk

Information Facilitator

Nicola Valley Safe Technology Advocates