Highway 8 from Merritt to Spences Bridge was one of the roadways that was hit hard by the flooding event back in November 2021. As of now, there is still no access to the highway but a recent report shows that significant progress has been made.

In a report put out by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure from the weeks of May 2 until May 15, it states that there have been 12 temporary repairs completed, seven sites where work is underway, and five more sites where work has been planned.

“The ministry is focused on restoring access for communities and residents along the Highway 8 corridor,” said David Crebo, spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“Despite challenges such as rock supply and seasonal rising water levels, the ministry continues to make progress on repairing the extensive damage and is working to reopen the highway as soon as possible.”

The following list highlights the sites where work either is underway or has been completed;

Temporary repairs are complete in twelve locations:

17.3km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(42.4km east of Spences Bridge)
18.5km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(41.2km east of Spences Bridge)
22.1km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(37.6km east of Spences Bridge)
23.4km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(36.3km east of Spences Bridge)
34.8km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(24.9km east of Spences Bridge)
38.6km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(21.1km east of Spences Bridge)
39km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(20.7km east of Spences Bridge)
53.1km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(6.6km east of Spences Bridge)
3 Mile Bridge
Rattlesnake Bridge
Curnow Bridge
57.7km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction (1km northeast of Spences Bridge)

Work is ongoing in seven locations:

Two sites 43.7km west of Mamit Junction/97CJunction (16km east of Spences Bridge) (9 Mile)
44.4km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(15.3km east of Spences Bridge)
45.7km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(14km east of Spences Bridge)
51km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction (8.7 km east of Spences Bridge)
51.4km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction(8.3km east of Spences Bridge)
52.3 km west of Mamit Junction/97C Junction (East of Secret Garden)

Among the sites noted was Site 10A, 14 km east of Spences Bridge where construction crews are working on placing a temporary bridge.

“Site 10A is a challenging site where the highway sustained very significant damage,” said Crebo.

“Due to the degree of damage, at this site the temporary access road will be routed across the river to run along a railway corridor on the west side of the Nicola Valley. We have installed a single lane bridge at this site to access the railway corridor. The access road will cross back over the river to the highway at Cook’s Ferry IR7.”

While crews are continuously working on temporary access throughout the Highway 8 corridor, they are also working on restoring power for surrounding residents with the help of BC Hydro.

According to Crebo there is no date yet on when the highway will officially reopen.
For more information on Highway 8’s construction progress, please visit www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation-projects/bc-highway-flood-recovery.