With the final weigh-in only days away, I am anxious to see how big of a loser I really am.
Though I admit it does sound rather counterintuitive to strive for such a title (the biggest loser, no less), after so many years in public school of trying to avoid it, the fact is I would like nothing more than to hear those words.
My chances of winning the competition are slim, however, last week’s weigh-in proved that I at least fit in the loser category, despite my fears.
After a week packed with healthy eating and exercise including Interval Fit, running and Zumba, I decided to celebrate Chinese New Year on the night before weigh-in. The food at Tropico Spice was delicious and if eaten in small portions would have fit into my diet, but I had paid for a buffet and was determined to eat my money’s worth. I left the restaurant absolutely stuffed and terrified to have to get on the scale the next day.
Luckily, my dedicated efforts of the week still managed to save me, and when I stepped on the scale I heard words that were music to my ears – I had dropped just under two pounds, and lost an inch or two here and there.
Personal trainer Dan Swedberg laughed at me when I told him about the buffet and assured me it was OK every once in a while. And as long as I was consistently eating healthy food, he said I could even occasionally eat one of the Dilly Bars I had accidentally stocked up on. So I took his advice and ate one that night when I got home!
Needless to say, I was not the winner of the week but once again my co-worker Trish Rainville was. (And if you ask me, she has a good shot of winning the whole thing!) Trish went down 7.5 pounds this week. The secret she says is that she has been exercising more.
As a working mom, she prefers to stay in during the evenings with her family so Trish has been using an old exercise bike that she found at a church rummage sale. She admits if she had tried it first, she probably wouldn’t have bought it because it squeaks and she has had to duct tape weights to it to provide more resistance. Nevertheless, it appears to be doing the trick, and if she plays her music she can drown out the squeaking.
“I am hooked on exercise for sure,” Trish said. “My biggest motivation is the new music I’ve been listening to and my mood has improved tremendously.”
As for food, Trish said she has definitely edited some things out of her diet. Though she says she knew the importance of healthy eating and exercise beforehand, the competition has helped Trish to see her patterns in black and white.
“I had to answer to those habits and that’s what has helped,” she said.
In the end, I suppose establishing good habits is what the competition is all about and with that in mind, I think I have succeeded as well.
Make sure to check back next week for the final results of the competition!