The month of May plays host to a plethora of bizarre holidays, and some of its strangest offerings fall on May 30.

Today marks Brassiere Day, as it’s thought that the first bra was fashioned by one Otto Titzling on May 30, 1889. How you celebrate this monumental occasion is up to you, of course, while celebrations of the pointedly named Hug Your Cats Day (which also falls on May 30) are fairly clear.

Grab that nearest four-legged furball and give it a squeeze. (If the nearest is a feral feline or a bobcat, as were invading the city just a few months ago in such numbers as to prompt the term “bobcat apocalypse” to float around the Herald office, maybe consider the safer alternative of celebrating Water a Flower Day.)

Today also marks Mint Julep Day, in celebration of the mixed whiskey drink from the Southern United States.

Luckily for the petless among us without cats to hug and for the second-floor dwellers without flowers to water, June holds a multitude of weird holidays too.

For the avid gardeners, there’s Gardening Exercise Day on June 6. The holiday is meant to encourage people to get out and exercise with and among their plants.

Donald Duck Day falls on June 9, in honour of his cartoon debut on that day in 1934.

Chocolate Ice Cream Day falls on June 7, as if people need more reason to indulge in the sweet frozen treat to beat the summer heat.

Ten days later, June 17 marks Fresh Veggies Day to make up for the overindulgent celebrations of the above holiday.

Of the more mainstream June holidays, Father’s Day falls on June 16, while a full day of celebrations in the Nicola Valley is planned for National Aboriginal Day on June 21.

And, of course, June is bringing many interesting events to Merritt, starting with the Ty Pozzobon bull riding invitational on the first.

June 1 will also take the Nicola Valley Community Band out of town for their performances in Langley and Government House in Victoria.

The Valley Visual Artists are also holding their show starting on the first and running until the end of the month at the Courthouse Art Gallery.

Next Saturday, June 8, thrifters can have a ball at the annual storage wars auction at Secure-All on Midday Valley Road.

The evening of June 8 brings expert fiddlers the Scott Woods band to the Civic Centre for a foot-stompin’, high-energy good time.

And, as more events are sure to crop up throughout the month, I’ll be sure to make time to observe Columnists Day on June 23.