Human remains discovered during construction of the n??q?i??ml?x Quilchena Community Centre in Upper Nicola.

Two human remains were found by construction crew on site.

Safety protocols for the remains have been put in place, with construction paused until further notice and on-site security present to safeguard the remains.

“The Archaeologist on Record for the project is supporting the Upper Nicola Band which is working to put the appropriate protocols in place to care for the remains,” reads the Upper Nicola Band press release. “These details will be made public once they have been confirmed.”

The RCMP were immediately contacted upon discovery of the remains and it was determined that the remains are not recent.

“RCMP were reported to the site that they do not need to be involved, the remains are turned under the responsibility of Upper Nicola Band,” said band administrator Collette Sunday. “We are working with the Archaeologist on Record to continue to uncover the remains and we will carry out cultural protocols to respect the remains.”

Tomorrow, May 9, at 1 p.m. the Upper Nicola Band invites its members to join in person at the n??q?i??ml?x Quilchena Community Centre to discuss next steps.

“We’re gonna follow our cultural protocols to respect the remains that are there,” said Sunday. The work of the archaeologists is going to be ongoing until they determine it to be complete.”