Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park, located about 15 minutes southeast of Merritt on highway 5A to Princeton, will be receiving an infusion of provincial cash to upgrade campgrounds and amenities.

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart made the announcement on May 18, that a $30,000 concept plan for the park is in development.

Major renovations to the park will include an upgrade of the day-use amenities, improving campground, and reducing potential impacts on toad migration in the area.

Currently, a number of the campsites in the park are affecting the migratory habits of toads.

“The addition of facilities for day-use visitors will greatly improve visitor satisfaction and increase the number of overall visits,” Tegart said.

“Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park is a very popular spot and these changes will benefit all users.”

Construction scheduled to begin next year, and expected to go until 2018.