The city increased various fees and charges effective this month.

Water user rates increased 10 per cent for residential and commercial customers on July 1. This was done to ensure these charges are sufficient to fund future replacements to the City of Merritt’s water system.

For a single family dwelling or a store with less than 1,000 square-feet of floor space, the increase this year will be an additional $15.

Due to a $20 increase per tonne in tipping fees at the Thompson-Nicola Regional District transfer station the City of Merritt uses for garbage disposal, garbage collection rates for residents increased 10 per cent on July 1. Residents with one garbage bin will see an increase of about $23 to their garbage collection fees in 2015.

Ice rental rates at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena have increased slightly, but public skating fees remain unchanged.

Tie down fees at the airport, fees for field and park use and administrative charges have increased slightly to better match up with the cost of providing them as well.