—- By Kenneth Wong


The Bad Apples Comedy tour is coming to Merritt next Wednesday night.

On Feb. 7, at 7 p.m., Merrittonians will have the chance to have a night filled with laughter and joy at the Grand Pub & Grill. Those who wish to attend the event must get their tickets online at EventBrite, for $27.96 each ticket.

Winnipeg based comedians Nelson Mayer and Clayton T. Stewart are the duo behind The Bad Apples, making appearances on APTN, HBO, Prime Video, and many other streaming services. 

Nelson Mayer started standup comedy during his time in Los Angeles, upon returning, Mayer convinced his long time friend, Clayton Stewart, to take on stand up comedy as well. “You gotta give stand up comedy a shot because I’ve been performing comedy magic for so long, you gotta give it a shot,” Stewart recalls Mayer telling him, “and it went really well so here we both are.”

“We want to spread the joy and the laughter as far as we can,” said Stewart. “Part of it for us is making people laugh. We’re kind of addicted to it. And we want to share that humour with as many people as possible.”

The duo describes their comedy as a blend of cultural insights, personal experiences, and an unapologetic sense of humour. “It’s always said to talk or write about what you know, and so a lot of our comedy comes from our experiences being sort of Indigenous, but on the outside of the rez kind of thing, that looking in kind of mentality that we’ve really sort of created this, voice of ‘the other’, and hopefully it can be relatable to people that, you know, we’re all basically the same” said Stewart.

The comedic duo got their name from the slur ‘apple,’ a term used on Indigenous people. “We want to sort of embrace it because it’s, it’s a slur that people use when they say you’re red on the outside and white on the inside, like an apple,” explained Stewart, “We want to embrace that, we want to sort of take the power away from that flare, and then just sort of spread our, our message of healing with humour.”

“We really love doing this as a career because I mean, it’s, it’s one thing to do what you love, but it’s also another to get paid to do it. We’re extremely, extremely grateful for it” exclaimed Stewart.

“It’s gonna be a really fun night of laughs,” said Stewart, “(You) should tell (your) friends, grab some tickets and come on down because we promise you’re gonna go home hurting.”


The Bad Apples – Comedy Duo


When: Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m.

Where: Grand Pub & Grill – 2099 Garcia St., Merritt, B.C.

Cost: $27.96 each – tickets can be purchased here.