The Interior Health Authority(IHA) has issued a drug advisory on fake Dilaudid tablets containing isotonitazene.

Dilaudid or hydromorphone tablets are opioids used to treat moderate to severe pain, and have an analgesic potency approximately two to eight times greater than morphine, according to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The authority said in the statement that the fake tablets pose a very high risk of overdose by those who use it, since it contains isotonitazene (five per cent).

“Isotonitazene is equally or more potent than fentanyl. This means that these fake tablets may be 20 plus times stronger than real Dilaudid/hydromorphone tablets,” the release reads.

The health authority reminded that “the only way to be sure a tablet is genuine is if you get it directly from a pharmacist.” Those still unsure about their tablets can also seek a drug checking location near them.

The advisory is in effect until Tuesday, Nov. 21.