Dear Editor,

With regard to the alleged incident involving Coun. Kroeker and the mayor’s husband, Sam Roline, there seems to be a field day regarding who is to blame.

What seems to be lost in the shuffle is just how inexcusable, unacceptable and reprehensible is the fact that an attempt was made to intimidate a councillor for views expressed in a public council meeting. I’m sorry our mayor seems disturbed by the manner in which concerns are sometimes dealt with in council meetings. So am I.

However, the salient issue here is that a councillor was allegedly intimidated for what happened in a council meeting. Do we all have to be so careful of what we may or may not say at a public meeting that we live in fear that we will be waylaid in a back alley by someone who didn’t like what we said? And don’t ever forget – this was not just some random member of the public, this was the mayor’s husband.

This is so wrong for so many reasons that it boggles the mind. Why would any sane person run for an elected position if they had to fear that someone may take exception to their views and threaten them?

This is the issue – not some lame smoke screen of who did what to whom.

This issue strikes at the heart of who we are as a people. We cannot let fear and intimidation rule the day.

Some good old-fashioned journalistic detective work might be in order – if you can find anybody who isn’t afraid to talk! I’m being facetious, but isn’t it interesting how fear and intimidation can take away our sense of well-being and independence.

Kurt Christopherson
City councillor