When I was approached by the English teachers at Merritt Secondary School (MSS) to write for the Merritt Herald, I was unsure about the opportunity. It seemed like it would be just another task to commit to, and my life was already too busy. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a shot as I figured it would look good on a resume one day. This is true, it has set me above every other applicant for scholarships. But it has turned into more than that throughout the past year with an amazing group of people. I have learned about the field of journalism that I have been able to apply towards my in-school academics, while spending only one to two hours a week working on articles, and a 15-minute lunch hour meeting once a week. Working on these articles and collaborating with my classmates, friends, and my cousin has been fun and easy.  

A huge thanks goes out to Izaiah Reyes for leading the program at the beginning of the year, and to Marius Auer for taking over the program halfway through the year. The skills learnt and the memories made have all been thanks to your time and effort to help lead the program. As I venture into adulthood and post-secondary education, I am able to stand out amongst my peers thanks to this program. For those of you that want an opportunity to learn, report, and create, this is the place for you. I cannot wait to read the paper in future years and see more young voices being heard through the Junior Newspaper Reporters at the Merritt Herald.