The community has spent the last four or so months getting ready and planning for the Communities in Bloom judges to arrive, and last Wednesday they did just that. The judges, Jeannine and Dan, toured Logan Lake and all of its various locations.

The tour started with breakfast at the bed and breakfast that they stayed at. They then ventured out to the mine look out where the tour group was greeted by Breanne who talked about the trucks and gave many facts about the mine.

The judges were then taken to the transfer station where they learned about the blue bag program and all the other recycling and dumping we can do. They also got to see a furry little marmot that they found to be quite cute living under the shed.

The tour continued on, stopping at places such as the ranch, dog park, the works yard, and the duck pond, as well as into the forest to learn about the fire breaks and green belts. Judges were greeted by guest speakers at all these locations where they were able to ask questions and were told many facts.

The judges then had the chance to try disc golf – neither judge was able to get the disc in the basket but they both had a ton of fun trying.

Before lunch was served under the new shelter at the park, judges looked at the spawning channel and our new aerator. They then enjoyed a wonderful lunch catered by TJ’s. They were joined by the various people who helped in making the tour and community extra beautiful.

After lunch was served, the judges were shown the big shovels and community garden before boarding golf carts and driving around the lake. They went to the arch range, settling ponds, health center, fire hall, and the district office. After the district office the judges went to the new amphitheatre and judged the planters where Kamloops came in first for both the mayor’s pot and the council member’s pot, leaving Logan Lake in second in both categories. Council member Robin Smith said that they have learned a lot and that next year will be a different story. The tour finished with the ski trails and the TV tour.

I have lived in Logan Lake my whole life and as I joined the judges on their tour I learned quite a bit. For example: when Logan Lake first got TV we only had two channels; Logan Lake was a pioneer in building the fire break; we have frogs that migrate from one side of town to the other every year; and the table that the council members have their meetings at was made by a local. It was truly a great experience and I am very glad that I was able to take part in such a great day.