Volunteer week in the Merritt Herald is an important moment to highlight and appreciate all of the dedicated organizations and people who work effortlessly to help others in our community.

The city of Merritt is full of volunteer groups that consist of adults and children alike, working to help out with different interests in the community. Additionally, Merritt Secondary School (MSS) is full of ambitious students who spend time volunteering for different groups and learning skills and interests that will hopefully lead to a new generation of volunteers giving back to the community. 

MSS students have multiple different opportunities with the school to develop skills through volunteering, including the WeCare club, LINK leaders, and the Jr. Reporter program, along with many other groups at the high school. These programs are run by dedicated teachers and volunteers who help grow different events. The time and effort that goes into helping others is important to think about, and should not go unnoticed. 

Thank you to all volunteers, leaders, and organizations here to help make the world a better place!