Jenn Denton’s ten-year-old son Mitchell, and his friend Aiden, held a spontaneous food drive on Saturday May 1, after Mitchell was inspired by another charitable act he encountered. 

“He came home on Friday night feeling inspired because he’d seen a lemonade stand and the people holding the lemonade stand were going to donate some of the money to a good cause,” explained Jenn.  

“He wanted to do something, so he came up with the idea of doing an impromptu food drive the next day.”

Mitchell set a goal, hoping to collect at least 50 items for the Nicola Valley Food Bank, with Jenn spreading word to the community through her Facebook page. Although there hadn’t been much notice of the event given, Mitchell and Aiden were pleasantly surprised to receive donations from friends, neighbours, and even strangers who had found out about the food drive from Jenn’s Facebook post, which was shared more than half a dozen times. 

When Mitchell and Aiden called it a day and tallied up the donations, they had collected nearly 200 items and $25, which will be delivered to the Food Bank this week. 

“He just wanted to do something nice and wanted to give back to the community,” said Jenn.  

“He felt proud, not just of himself but of the community. It was really cute how he came home inspired by another act of kindness… kindness is contagious. He was inspired by that, so hopefully he inspires other people. Pay it forward.”