New laws regarding the sale, promotion and use of e-cigarettes are on the way in B.C., giving them the same restrictions and bans as tobacco.

Beginning September 1, retailers must ensure e-cigarettes are sold only to adults aged 19 and above, and that no retail displays are targeted to youth.

There are no restrictions on adults buying e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes cannot be sold in public buildings and their use is banned on public and private school grounds, as well as indoor public spaces and workplaces. The use of tobacco and e-cigarettes on health authority properties is also banned, however, health authorities can establish designated smoking and vaping areas at their discretion.

There should also be no retail advertising for e-cigarettes shown where youth can see it. In addition, an exception on the indoor use restriction was made so that a small number of customers in adult-only stores could learn how to use vapour products or to test products they wish to buy.