Dear Editor,

MP Dan Albas likes to boast that the Conservatives are “looking at all forms of public sector spending in order to find efficiencies and savings without raising your taxes.” There’s only one problem: that isn’t true.

The Conservatives’ federal budget increases tariffs on everyday items imported from dozens of countries. These rising tariffs are a hidden tax on everything, from clothing and shoes to household cleaning products to televisions.

They are also increasing your Employment Insurance taxes. Increasing this tax on jobs is reckless when so many areas of the economy are still struggling.

Stephen Harper and his crew are increasing taxes on hospital parking, taxes on life insurance, taxes on safety deposit boxes, taxes for airport security, taxes on credit unions, and the list goes on.

For years now, Conservatives have tried to boast that they never raise taxes. That was easy to do when they took power and inherited a $13 billion surplus from the previous Liberal government. However, these tax-and-spend Conservatives dug themselves into a deep deficit; they increased program spending by almost 40 per cent and are now hiking taxes left, right and centre.

The next time you see Mr. Albas, remind him to show his constituents some respect and be honest about taxes. No amount of spin or government advertising (that they pay for with your taxes) can change the fact that a tax hike is a tax hike, and we know it.

Scott Brison, MP

Liberal Party of Canada Finance Critic