This letter explains why I am writing to the Support Service Section associated with the Canada Post Cooperation. This is in regards to the main post office personnel and the staff of the Merritt, BC officer an honourable mention.

I have been residing in Merritt, BC for some 25 years. I was born in Calgary, Alberta, where I grew up and served in the medical field for approximately 20 years. I did my education in Prince George, BC and the remainder in Calgary, where I graduated with my grade 12 certification.

Proceeding to why I am giving the individuals of Canada Post in Merritt an honourable mention. To begin with, there are people like Cheryl, Gene, Jessica, Ryan, and the individuals who deliver to super boxes in other areas of Merritt. They take out their valuable time to please the public with issues of re-direction of mail, holding mail, etc. They also assist the public with buying stamps to send articles via priority post, express post, and paying for parcels and other items after they are cautiously checked by the post office staff.

They go an extra mile to help the elderly to carry their parcels out to their vehicles. They also ask the public for their personal identification card in order to perform the verification before releasing certain articles. The post office also sells other articles such as one in a display case produced and manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint. 

I am also a Master Club Member through said organization. The depot also sells books on hockey and other memories in Canada’s history to the public.

Many of us take the Canada Post for granted, but we should not. In this particular main office in Merritt, they do their utmost best in rain, snow, all year round, and even when they are short staffed, they do their best to get the mail out each day and keep the people happy.

At Christmas time, when the rush is on, they do their best to keep cool and patient no matter what the situation is to get the mail out from point A to point B smoothly. This includes other days of the entire year too. Each member of the staff is friendly, with a smile on their face all of the time.

We cannot forget one person in particular, the head Post Master Dinai. She and her staff are very knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects. I would like to convey my highest regards to the entire staff of the Merritt post office, keep up the excellent high quality service to the citizens of Merritt, BC. We as citizens are all very proud of the entire team.

It is a great honour and privilege to have each and every one of you working at Canada Post Cooperation in Merritt. Without these dedicated individuals, the mail for Merritt wouldn’t get anywhere.

I apologize to any employee of the Merritt post office that I have missed to mention.

Jim Madill

Merritt, BC