As yet another mill in B.C. shuts down, the Government of British Columbia just doesn’t get it. The forestry industry is in great distress, the fishing industry is almost extinct, the mining industry is on life support, agriculture is struggling, gas and oil are just hanging on. These major industries are the starting point of a healthy economy, not an ending point.

More focus is being given to pandering to social pressure groups. Those with the loudest voices and hands held out. A society cannot function if there are no strong leading industries. Tourism barely pays the bills. Counting on growth through expanding retirement is not sustainable.

We elect leaders to lead, but our leaders continually let us down. They focus on immediate political priorities, not the advancement of their own country or province. Simple statement, but true. If we don’t focus on our children’s future, but only our own, we are doomed to fail.

Social programs get their start through strong lead industries. Government hand outs are only possible through the revenues produced by these industries.

The Government of British Columbia needs to put its attention towards strengthening our weakened industries. Perhaps create special ministry for this purpose. If not, we will surely continue to plunge into the ‘death spiral,’ something that recent governments seem unable to see and understand.

I am not saying industry over all else, I am saying be aware that you are cutting off your nose in spite of your face if you don’t focus on what starts you in the first place. Forking it out the front door with nothing coming in the back door is simply irresponsible.

With the wealth of resources our province has to offer, we should not be millions of dollars in debt. Or maybe I could be wrong, just give it all away. It’s our children’s problem, not ours.


Doug Fleming
Merritt BC