For the past month, MoveUP has purchased ads in the Merritt Herald announcing “Liberal Elites” are the cause of our bloated insurance rates, and implying privatization is yet another liberal scam.  I have gotten sick and tired of seeing this deceitful propaganda.

A quick internet search will confirm that British Columbians pay some of the highest car insurance rates in Canada.

So who exactly is MoveUP, why are running these ads, any why now?

They are a union that includes ICBC employees and they seem to be the only ones talking about privatization. Maybe ICBC is worried about some competition?

Jess Huxley
Logan Lake


You likely hit the nail on the head — as a union representing ICBC workers, MoveUP is probably concerned about the effects of privatization. Like many other unions, businesses and non-profits, MoveUP purchases ad space in the Herald in an effort to have their message reach as many locals as possible. – Editor