The Global Fund is an organization that was created to fight global pandemics, including HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. Their work has raised CAD$ 66.9 billion, saved 44 million lives and more than halved the death rate of all three diseases. COVID-19 has inevitably negatively affected the fight against HIV / AIDS, TB and malaria. 22% less HIV testing and significant increase in TB and malaria deaths.

The Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment is the answer to fighting off such global pandemics. Their goal of CAD$ 22.7 billion will save lives, reduce the mortality rate, prevent infections and reduce the incidence rate. Seventh Replenishment will put the fight against HIV / AIDS, TB and malaria back on track and help end these global pandemics by 2030.

Canada must invest CAD$ 1.2 billion in the Global Fund to fight the global effects of HIV / AIDS, TB and malaria.

Nathan Au,
Ottawa, ON