Dear Editor,

I was in the Merritt hospital on March 1. I was in excruciating pain. They said they would give me medicine but didn’t give me anything for two or three hours. I vomited in the bathroom and they didn’t clean it up for seven hours.

My other concern is that when they took my vitals, they’re supposed to clean the finger clamp but they didn’t. Same with the blood pressure cuff. I was concerned if a person vomits and puts their finger in the cuff they could transfer viruses.

When I was in emergency, the box with used (disposed) needles was open enough that anyone could put their hands in there.

Also, I was having a panic/asthma attack and it took two hours before they got me on a ventilator when it was an emergency situation.

When I came back I had my emergency surgery in Kamloops (gall bladder). I felt wrong so went to the Merritt hospital. They gave me medication and it was the wrong medication. They gave me two anti-depressant pills at once. The nurse admitted to me it was a lot of dope to give.

They also don’t use gloves when putting in IVs, which they’re supposed to.

My room had a private bathroom. After five days, the cleaner didn’t clean the toilet.

The nurse tried to put an IV in. Poked me four times in one arm and three times in the other arm. By morning by arm was twice the size. All the fluid went into the arm, not into the vein.

Today a week later my arm is still sore.

They did not respond to my calls that I was hurting in the arm.

It was a horrible experience. It’s not up to standard. I talked to administration and they said it shouldn’t have happened. They said they would follow up on everything.

Bill McRae

Merritt, B.C.