Dear Editor,

This notice is for residents of Lower Nicola that live along streets that run north and south. They are: Aberdeen, Carrington, Corkle, Paige, Postell, Riley, Schindler and Smith

Several years ago, the TNRD had our house numbers changed from three digits to four; however, Telus never updated their data base so our addresses are still three digits in the phone book and more recently in the Connector printed by the Merritt Herald. There are a few exceptions, being the residents who have had the corrections made and I have now done mine by contacting Telus. They will only do each one individually so if you want to give it a try call Customer Service at 250-310-2255 and follow the prompts. Good luck in your endeavours to help Telus correct their database to produce better directories.

Lorne Robertson

Lower Nicola, B.C.