Last week I started a Letter to the Editor to say thanks to Bonnie Cowan for her kind words of encouragement to all those who had worked so hard to help those who had been so badly impacted by the catastrophic flooding that hit our City. It was so refreshing to hear something positive. I didn’t get my letter done in time to send it off to the newspaper. Sorry, Bonnie. Sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. So, let me state publicly that your kind words meant a lot – a sentiment shared by innumerable people in the area, I am sure.

 I wish I could say the same for those folks who seemed to think they were supporting a good cause by honking their horns incessantly Saturday morning. I have no problem with folks participating in a protest – but, please, do so in a manner that respects the rights of others. We live in a democracy. We don’t force our opinions on others by bullying, intimidation and harassment. Civil disobedience is one thing – deliberately causing pain and stress to a population that is still reeling from the aftermath of the floods is just plain cruel. I do want to thank all those truckers who have continued to supply goods and services throughout so many challenges. You are much appreciated. The noise, not so much.

 Also , a quick comment re: the ranchers’ and farmers’ march on Sunday. You showed how demonstrations can be done respectfully. Kudos to you. All the best in your endeavour.

Kurt Christopherson

Merritt, BC