On Friday, Oct. 20 at 4p.m., my wife was having breathing problems and chest pains, so I took her to Merritt ER, which was closed all day Friday until Saturday morning.

We went into the hospital to find a nurse or someone. A cleaning lady called 911 and the ambulance was there in a few minutes. After a few quick tests, they put her into the ambulance. My wife was going to Kamloops and away they went, my daughter and I following.

Kamloops ER was full and busy. It was nearly midnight before we were able to take my wife home to Merritt.

In conclusion, thanks to the cleaning lady, the Kamloops ER did a great job and I have nothing but highest praise for our paramedics. If not for their care this could have had a very bad ending.

When does this fiasco end?

While in Kamloops, we met quite a few people from Merritt who had to go to Kamloops as Merritt’s ER was closed.

My question is, how bad does it have to get before it gets better?

I am sure if not for our great paramedics we would have lost quite a few people by now.

Paul and Darlene Komonoski