Dear Editor,

I just want to say a few words about how lucky we are to have the seniors’ complex Gillie’s House here in Merritt.

Every time I take my mom back after her visit home, I feel so grateful that I have a secure, warm, safe place to take her.

She is so well looked after there with the welcoming of bright lights and a warm, clean environment. The staff there are just fabulous, always welcoming her back after her time away.

Walking into the dining room at about 7 p.m., they were just starting to serve juices of different varieties, sliced fruit and cookies, and were playing a nice movie on their big screen TV. It was such a comforting feeling, like I said, to have this secure place to bring her to.

Having 24-7 care, secure and protected, is what it’s all about. Thank you to the staff of Gillie’s House.

Some people complain about the health care in the province, but in this case I have no complaints. I’m just gratefuel that my mom is well looked after in her senior years. She just turned 91 in April and I credit this to the excellent care at Gillie’s House.

Millie Kirk