RE: ‘Mayor Seeks Fix for Forestry Woes

I commend Mayor Linda Brown for getting down and dirty; to endeavour to resolve what type of community we should be in 30 years, doing a strategic plan, and being prepared to act upon it. She and her council, and new CAO appear to be ready for the challenge.

While commending the previous council in your article (something that most mayors would never do) she now wants to ensure our growth is manageable and sustainable — something that Merritt has never enjoyed in the past.

We’re in exciting times for Merritt. We’ve (mostly) weathered the Tolko storm and now our council is preparing for the future — notwithstanding the many issues that they have had to deal with, left over from, yes, the ‘previous council.’

 This council now needs — and deserves — our full support.

Darch Oborne


While Mayor Linda Brown was gracious enough to offer praise to the previous council, it is probably pertinent to remember that she was also a member of that previous council. In the meantime, having a plan is one thing and execution is another — mayor and council have just over three years left in their term to accomplish their mandate, as laid out by Mayor Brown. – Editor