Kudos to Mel Rothenburger and the rest of the sensible portion of the TNRD Board of Directors. I am very disturbed after reading the article on the consumption of alcohol at tax payer funded TNRD business and events. It is my understanding that there was a serious problem in the past with the previous directorship with flagrant spending and fountain-filled alcoholic events. Now that the previous administration has been disassembled and tax payer minded sensibility has been brought to the forefront to resolve this disgusting issue, it just blows my mind that there are still a few members that are opposed to putting sanctions on funding alcohol consumption paid for by tax payers. This per diem for expenses for delegates to cover hotel expenses and meals is sensible. It bothers me very much that there are a couple delegates that are so angry that they believe they have the right to take that money for the sole purpose of drunken stupidity. If a person believes that they get that per diem and nobody can tell them they have to purchase food with it and they can choose to use all that expense money to purchase drink rather than spend money on their living expenses, that it’s their personal right, that’s wrong. My feeling is, that if a person has to argue that fact so strongly, that alcohol consumption is so important to them, this is an example of individuals that need to be removed from the Board. They do not exhibit sensible attitudes that should be endorsed by us tax payers. With that attitude they would not display common sense that would be beneficial to Board operations.

Just my thoughts.

Ron Panton

Merritt, BC