As the 2021/2022 school year ended, I did not have the opportunity to thank and share with the students, staff and families of SD58 that I have transitioned to a new role as Superintendent/CEO of the YK1 School District in Yellowknife. The decision and announcement occurred after schools had let out for the summer.

I have to share it has been a pleasure to work with the Board, the professional staff and students of both Merritt, Princeton and our Indigenous communities over the past five years.

SD58 has established itself as a student focussed SD and is creating wonderful outcomes for students through the many focussed and varied programs and initiatives it has put in place to ensure “Success for all Students.”

The improving graduation rates and post secondary transition rates are just two of many successes the SD has had. The continued focus on literacy to establish a strong foundation for students will serve them well moving forward. SD58 continues to work to provide all students the myriad of opportunities that exist including Trades and Academic options.

Knowing the adversity our communities have faced over the past three years with COVID, fires and the November floods it is truly amazing that SD58 has achieved what it has. Those achievements are due to the efforts of staff, families and communities who all did whatever it takes to ensure the success of students and create the best possible learning conditions in spite of everything thrown at them.

I will be emulating many of the practices SD58 has adopted in my new locale over time, while I learn about the excellent work already occurring in YK1.

It was an honor and privilege to serve SD58 and I know there are many successes still in front of them as they continue to focus on improving the life chances and outcomes for all students within its schools.

Jameel Aziz, Superintendent
YK1 School District
Yellowknife, NT