The Herald received a pair of Letters to the Editor this week, both praising the hospitality of the people of Merritt.



A very special thing happened to us on our way home. It was super hot and the air conditioner wasn’t working in the motor home. I put a wet towel on our dog to keep him cool. We decided to stop at Merritt and see if we could get it fixed.

We got a name and phone number of a radiator shop. I phoned and explained our situation. He said come right over and we’ll fit you in. As we talked we told him we were evacuated from Deka Lake. He phoned all over for a kit but was unable to find one.

They decided to replace the whole unit. We were worried about the cost as they had three and four fellows working on it for over two hours so we could get on our way.

After all was finished and the cold air came pouring out (to our immense pleasure). We went to pay him. He just said you’re on your way, no charge. We were both in tears and couldn’t thank him enough.

This Good Samaritan was Nicola Valley Radiators, Yves and Koren Lefebvre .

We can’t express how grateful we are.Thank you so much. Such an amazing act of kindness.

Rose and Robert Magnusson




Last week my wife and I were staying at Claybanks Rv Campground. Needing supplies, we walked to the Pharmasave Drug Store, only to discover we had foolishly left our face masks behind. In the heat of the day we were dreading the walk back. Taking a chance we approached a young lady and asked if she would enter the store and purchase masks for us. She promptly and courteously obliged our request saving us a 40 minute walking round trip. Thank you, Belinda.

Jim and Susan Elder