Merritt city councillor Harry Kroeker recently attended the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway Association annual general meeting in Russell, Man. He said the biggest issue concerning the association was the proposed Enbridge pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat.

“The topic that was uppermost in everyone’s mind was dealing with Highway 16 communities putting the association on notice that if they supported the pipeline they would withdraw their membership,” he said. “Edmonton and east said if we didn’t support the pipeline they would withdraw their membership. That took up a lot of the conference time.”

Kroeker said the group came up with a solution that would satisfy both parties, but he hadn’t heard back to confirm.

“We were between a rock and a hard place and hopefully we found a place in the middle that’ll satisfy both parties,” he said.

“The resolution that we passed is that we are advocates for the highways. As long as our highway isn’t fit to handle truck traffic – if they were to decide to move the product by truck – then we would be opposed to it because our highways aren’t built for it. Other than that, if it doesn’t happen on the highway it isn’t our concern. Our mandate is the highway.”

The TransCanada Yellowhead Highway Association consists of representatives from four provinces along the Yellowhead Highway, which is Highway 16 from Haida Gwaii to Winnipeg and Highway 5 from Hope to Kamloops.

“What the association does is advocate for the highway, for tourism and for maintenance,” said Kroeker, who represents Merritt on the board. “We’ve been doing that for years.”