Two groups of youths from the Merritt area got to learn about and sample bowling and curling last Friday.

PacificSport Interior BC, in conjunction with the City of Merritt, held one of its XploreSportZ camps for Merritt youth aged seven to 12.

PacificSport Interior BC also held one of the camps with Scw’exmx Community Health Services for youth from the aboriginal communities of Coldwater, Shackan and Nooaitch.

PacificSport Interior BC sport development co-ordinator Josee Warren told the Herald the purpose of the XporeSportZ camps is to introduce kids to a wide variety of sports in the hopes they find one they like and join a local organization pertaining to that sport.

Coaches were on hand to give lessons to the youth.

The group with Scw’exmx Community Health Services consisted of 15 youths ages eight to 14. The group consisting of Merritt youth had 14 participants.

Each camp got to experience and learn about the sports of curling and bowling. They also swam at the Nicola Valley Aquatic Centre and learned lifesaving skills.

XploreSportZ camp leader Lori Hewson told the Herald many of the children at the camps had never tried curling or bowling before, and some don’t know how to swim.

“We take a day to try and fit in as many sports as we can and then the kids get about an hour and a half with a coach that’s going to teach them the basics of each of the sports and hopefully they like something in one of the day camps,” Hewson said.

“Kids are supposed to be active 60 minutes a day, so that’s what we’re trying to promote,” Hewson said.

Camp member Justice Aspinall told the Herald she enjoyed curling.

“It’s cool, a little hard though,” she said.

Curling Club member and coach for the day Bob Taylor told the Herald his group of curlers were fast learners and did a good job of balancing on the ice.

XploreSportZ holds camps during school inservice days, a two-day-camp Christmas break and a week-long camp during spring break, Warren said.