Bookworms might want to get their hands in this new mystery adventure.

Logan Lake-based author Clint Price has achieved a significant milestone by publishing his debut book.

‘The Madness Method’ delves into the journey of its main character Miles Anderson, who is caught in a struggle to grasp his own reality.

“Miles Anderson is confused and he’s trying to figure out exactly what is happening to him,” Price said. “He just gets sucked into this crazy world.”

Price, who describes his book as a call to “embrace your madness”, said that the title for his book came years before he actually wrote the book.

“I was just at work one day and I was kind of losing my mind and the title came to me,” he said.

Price said that the idea for the book came from a dream he had and his curiosity on existentialism.

“Sometimes, it’s best to start something and figure out along the way. I began The Madness Method in my phone’s notes after a vivid dream,” he said. “I have all these crazy, vivid dreams that I just like to jot down and it just helps me get all my ideas out.”

He calls his debut “the freedom to follow my dream and to start a career around something I’m passionate about.”

“It’s a bittersweet experience finishing a novel. It becomes part of you,” Price added.

His journey as an author started thanks to his passion for creating and being able to get his ideas out.

“(My favourite part of being an author) is getting those ideas out that are always f lowing in my head,” Price added. “It just really helps to calm me.”

As Price embarks on this new chapter of his journey as an author, he also looks into what’s next for him.

“I have a sequel in the works already,” he said. “I’m also writing for other books. So, I have two more fiction books in the work, one children’s book and then I have a nonfiction book that I’m working on as well.”

He added that he couldn’t have published the book without the support he’s received from friends and family, and if anything, it helped him realize that he was capable of doing what he’s passionate about.

“I wasn’t the smartest kid in school and I didn’t get very good grades in English, so I am hoping that people will see that I did it,” Price said. “You can just try things and you can get them accomplished.”