Off-roaders from far and wide can look forward to new terrain to traverse in the region by summer’s end.

The District of Logan Lake plans to use a $100,000 grant from the B.C. government to expand the current trail network surrounding town, with ATV enthusiasts in mind.

“Basically leading from Chartrand Creek up towards Paska Lake. It’s a continuation of a trail network that was started last year or the year before,” said Randy Lambright, Logan Lake’s CAO.

The goal is to eventually connect the wider trail network with the municipal campground in the centre of town.

“So you would be able to come [to the campground], drop, and then immediately get into your units and be able to go east of town and connect up with the trail network across the highway heading in a northeast direction,” Lambright said. “That trail would then continue all the way around to Tunkwa Lake, connecting with the trails that are in that area, and then we’ve got a drop area on the northwest area of the community. So it would give you a nice big circle.”

While this project is geared towards ATV enthusiasts, Lambright said the district is working on other projects for hikers and bikers.

“We are trying to make a separation between ATVers and mountain bikers, hikers, walkers, that type of thing,” he said. “Because ATVers have their own separate needs and demands.”