Although the turn-out was less than had been hoped for, the Logan Lake Crafts Club Society’s 35th Annual Fall Fair and Tea was, nonetheless, considered a success.

It’s an event such as this which clearly demonstrates the wide variety of creative artists who make Logan Lake home. Included for display in the First Aggregate section were: Canning, Baking, Flowers and Plants, while the much larger Second Aggregate included: Paintings and Drawings, Photography, Ceramics, Quilts, Crocheting, Knitting, Christmas/Miscellaneous, Needlework, Card making/Scrapbooking and Art work by Young People.

At the end of the day, those recognized for Best In Show were Orville Humphrey for woodworking and Molly Kutsche for her quilt.

Among those with smiles were the six winners of door prizes and the winner of the Craft Club’s Raffle Grand Prize of a specially created patio set was Trish Rumble.

Crafts Club President, Pam Hulsman, expressed the group’s appreciation to mayor and council who supported the event and, by association, the on-site District staff who, as always, were ready, willing and able, to lend a hand.

Club members were also grateful for the assistance of the Logan Lake Ambassadors who, together with the 2011/2012 Ambassador candidates, both welcomed those attending the event and did a superlative customer service job of providing sandwiches, sweets, tea and coffee during the tea. Also included in the club’s thanks were those high school students who also provided some assistance.

In her closing remarks, Pam offered encouraging words to community artists, no matter what the medium, and, especially, to families with children to start preparing for next year’s event.

If you attended and wished you knew how to create a particular art form, why not call Pam at 250-523-6788 for more information and/or to attend Crafts Club meetings on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. at 391 Basalt.