There are many residents of Logan Lake who, each and every day, give of their talents, time and money to support the community and its citizens, no matter what their age.

On June 18, the community gathered at the amphitheatre to publicly honour some of these special people.

With the difficult political situation at our schools, the lack of students reduced the energy of the experience but the youth who were there, along with resident volunteers, stepped forward to help with the flag raising portion of the event.

RCMP Cpl. Kat Thain, Logan Lake RCMP’s detachment commander, presented Ray Town with a certificate of appreciation and a special pin from Chief
Superintendent Mike Sekala of Kelowna for Town’s more than five years of service with Citizens on Patrol and Speed Watch with long-time
community volunteer Mike Maloney recognized for his Speed Watch service.

Inez Smith was formally recognized by the RCMP’s Commissioner in Ottawa, Bob Paulson, for her 20-plus years of voluntarism with Victim Services. Congratulations to Ray, Mike and Inez for their first-class service to both the community and the region.

The presentation of the Citizen of the Year award is always exciting, but this year, it was tinged with sadness as acting mayor Robin Smith, in memory of TV Society president Dean Neighbour, presented this award to both Paddy Muldoon and David Young in recognition of the long-term, exceptional service the society and these two volunteers provide to the community.

In fact, the quality of service provided to each home in Logan Lake at a minimal monthly fee is so exceptional that TV service providers across North America are often in touch with Logan Lake TV Society members for information and technical input. So, more congratulations for Dean, Paddy and David and all the members of the society who go unrecognized and under-appreciated.

Despite the fact we have so many fabulous, incredible students in our community, no nominations for Youth Citizen of the Year were received, which, from my perspective put another damper on the event. The free hotdogs, pop, juice and chips dished out by the extraordinary Logan Lake Fire Department volunteers were much appreciated by everyone who showed up to honour these special Logan Lakers.

Another Logan Lake event that saw a mixture of song, tears and laughter was Donna Youd’s retirement extravaganza, which was held on June 23 at the Meadow Creek Golf and Country Club, with more than 70 family members, friends and colleagues, past and present, showing up to escort Donna to the beginning of the retirement path after a sparkling 34-year career at both Logan Lake schools.

Current physical education teacher Darren Clark took great delight in pointing out that he had just started kindergarten when Donna began teaching in 1980 but concluded with other, less age-related compliments.

It was amazing that members of Donna’s fan club didn’t run out of compliments about her as both a person and a teacher: always there to help, quiet and calm with confidence, a master teacher, irreplaceable, holds both colleagues and students accountable, able to see something good in every student.

But it was Donna’s son Eric who really got the tears flowing with his words of thanks and appreciation to his mom. When it was Donna’s turn, she took great delight in sharing stories of co-workers who were described as friends as well as professional colleagues. In typical Donna style, she gave a collective thanks to her husband, sons Evan and Eric, her daughter Kim, and to the members of her extended family for their enduring and loving support while her dedication and commitment as an outstanding teacher worked to make both students and her community better.

Retirement plans include travelling to the far south to visit her daughter and family; cruising with friends in Europe; doing volunteer work both with Developing World Connections and in Logan Lake; continuing her vocal career with Desert Sounds Harmony Chorus; and becoming an enthusiastic quilter and an active supporter of the Logan Lake W.H.Y.

Look out world and be prepared for some very positive Donna Youd changes!