After two and a half years of no dancing on stage due to the COVID-19 pandemic rules and regulations, the Love To Dance Academy competitive team had finally experienced the excitement of dancing under the bright lights on stage once again when they competed in the SHINE Dance Festival at Cleland Theatre in Penticton this past May.

The international adjudicator panel consisted of three judges, US, UK and Canada. Each adjudicator provided a mark out of 100 for each routine based on the following: skill, presentation, difficulty and artistry

SHINE Festival

“Each of our student’s dance journeys are unique and we are proud of our LTD students’ technical, artistic and personal achievements” said dance teachers, Lizette Nel and Vanessa van Rensburg.

Avery Warren
Classical Ballet Solo 86.23%
Demi Character Solo 85.47%
Own Choreography 85.23%

Megan Voigt
Classical Solo – 86.77% plus Impact Award – 1st Place – “Smooth”
Character Solo – 85.17% plus Outstanding Solo Award 2st place
Own Choreography – 84.33%

Kinley Stewart
Folkloric solo 84.43%

Kate van Rensburg
Character Solo – 83.9%
Classical Solo – 83.97% plus Outstanding Solo Award

Spanish Group – 84.4%
Particpants: Avery Warren, Megan Voigt, Kinley Stewart, Madilyn Thorne, Kate van Rensburg, Anina Miller, Priya Sandur

Spanish Duet – 84.97%
Outstanding duo/trio award
Participants: Megan Voigt, Kate van Rensburg

Classical Ballet Group – 84.83%
Particpants: Avery Warren, Megan Voigt, Kinley Stewart, Zoë Andersen, Kate van Rensburg