—- By Brenda Lars-Ens


In December 2019, students in my grade 1 and 2 class at Lower Nicola Indian Band School wrote Christmas letters to the Canadian Armed Forces.

Now, four years later, I received a call from one of the recipients of the letters, Sergeant Ryan Buckland.

Sgt. Buckland asked if he could come by the school to meet and talk to the students.

In 2019, Buckland, who is originally from Merritt, was a Bombardier stationed in Petawawa, Ont. He has now moved up in rank to sergeant and is stationed in Vancouver.

Coincidently, I now teach grade 5 and 6 class and some of those same students are in my present class.

There was great excitement when Sgt. Buckland along with Sgt. Tony Hwang of the Air Force visited the class to thank them and share their experiences with the Forces. Sgt. Buckland and Sgt. Hwang provided opportunity for students to ask questions and learn what a career with the Armed Forces entailed.